Frequently Asked Questions

I now have a booking made what will happen next?

A agent will call or email you to confirm the details of your booking. They will confirm spelling of names, destination confirmation, citizenship and documentation requirements, home address, ticket delivery status, etc. They will answer any other questions you may have about your upcoming travel plans.

What about using my credit card online, is it safe?

YES, definitely it is safe; uses the latest SSL technology protocols and normal private network security systems. SSL Technology scrambles your credit card information BEFORE it even gets to the net. This technology renders Internet purchases as safe as telephone purchases.
Our site uses the secure server environment of: which utilizes Stronghold/Apache SSL server software. We will protect the security of your credit card.

What if there is a problem with my ticket?

Any of our representatives will be happy to assist you with any problem. Simply call us at 1-877-605-8572 or locally 905-723-0000 or email to

How do I receive my tickets?

After purchasing your vacation with us online you should print your confirmation screen. A agent will contact you to arrange delivery of your document(s) and advise you of other options that we offer. Options include: airport pick-up, office pick-up, regular mail or expresspost (included with purchase).

I know the airline has a flight for a certain time or date, but it is not listed on your site, why?

We only show available seats, if the flight or package is sold out, it will not be displayed.

How will I know that I am getting the best price?

While surfing our site, you have access to all the information available from the airlines and tour operators dealing with the SIREV booking system. After searching all possibilities and selecting a flight or destination that responds to your needs, you can be certain that you have found the absolutely lowest price available.

Can I make a suggestion to improve the site?

Yes of course, we appreciate all input and suggestions. Please feel free to email us at

If my trip is needing changes or cancellation?

We always recommend purchasing insurance for any changes or cancellations that might occur please call a breakawayonline team member for further instructions on how we process your insurance claim.

Should l buy travel insurance if l am travelling in the next few weeks?

We will always recommend insurance for the unknown that can occur we have had people book one day and have a need to cancel the next. In a emergency this is the only way to ensure a refund of your monies

We are travelling with children? Is there anything we should consider?

If only one parent or no parents are present we wll require a notarized letter from the parent(s) that is not travelling

What protection do we have that our booking is secure from bankruptcy

We are governed by tico in the province of ontario and all bookings are covered under the compensation act which will protect your funds incase of an end supplier failure which is peace of mind

How can I obtain a passport? 

Passport information can be obtained from the following link or you can contact a representative for further details at


Luggage Allowance

  • Luggage is limited to 2 pieces per passenger weighing no more than 20 kg or 44lbs
  • weight exceeding this will be charged at a cost of 7 dollars per kilo
  • One carry on is allowed per passenger which must be able to fit under the seat.

Seat Selection

Seat selection is available for a cost of 15 dollars per passenger per directon on charter carriers.  Please inquire if you would like to plan yor seat selecton.

Special Requests

We will gladly note requests on our bookings for any special needs you may have.  Airlines and hotels will do their utmost to accommodate requests although they are still only a request and are never guaranteed





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